• Customized Essence Sets
    If you work in a healing, teaching or supportive capacity, book a 30-minute appointment with David Dalton and get a customized set of 8 or 16 flower essences to enhance your sessions with clients!
  • New Essence: Jet Lag
    The 4 essences in our new blend, Jet Lag, support your energy during travel, regulating sleep cycles and helping your system adjust more quickly to new time zones.
  • Flower Essences in Honduras
    Follow David Dalton to Honduras for the fourth in a series of travel stories about making flower essences around the world.

Our Story

Founded in the mid-1980s by David Dalton (left), Delta Gardens is dedicated to flower essence production, research, clinical practice and education. David has been making flower essences in New England research gardens and in natural habitats throughout the world for over thirty years. Since the beginning of his unique flower essence adventure, David has combined clinical thinking, intuition and a strong relationship with nature to create an extensive collection of products that support emotional, mental and physical health.

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I have known and been working with David Dalton for 20 years. I’ve taken the Delta Gardens Practitioner Training twice, used his essences with clients and on myself regularly and worked with him as a flower essence client. David is a living master and pioneer in the flower essence world. I trust him and his work deeply. If you have a desire to work with him, do it!

-Michael Brown, Turning Leaf Essences