Flower Essences for Lyme Disease, Babesia & Other Tick-Borne Infections

Through the end of July 2017, get our Lyme webinar PLUS the three essence sets that we use most often for tick-borne infections.  

Webinar Topics

  • Review of our research over the past 10 years, working with clients diagnosed with Lyme disease and other co-infections
  • Tick-borne microbes and common symptoms
  • The role of flower essences in rebalancing the body, mind and emotions following an infection
  • Specific flower essences that support different dimensions of healing 
  • Selecting and administering essences on a case-by-case basis

What You Get

  • Digital recording of the webinar
  • Presentation notes
  • Artemisia Set
  • Teasel Set
  • Tissue Support Set