Uplift Package

Please note: we do not sell plants, flowers or gemstones at Delta Gardens. Our flower and gem essences are energetic tinctures.

We ship anywhere in the world through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Please contact Steve directly for help with international orders - steve@deltagardens.com

The items in the "Uplift" package will help you reconnect with joy and playfulness in your life. This is a perfect gift for those whose responsibilities or experiences have pulled them towards a more serious or restrained approach - or for those who wish to live more completely from a place of wonder and gratitude. 

Contents: Uplift Spray, Sun Amulet, Aventurine/Lapis/Ruby Essence, Pear Essence, Star Jasmine Essence

Instructions: Use the Uplift spray regularly to bring lightness and ease into your living space. Wear the Sun amulet to dispel depression and bring warmth and relaxation to your energy body. Take the essences (3 drops, 3x/day) to reconnect to delight, lightheartedness and spontaneity. The essences may be taken simultaneously.