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Flower Essence Research

Research is the cornerstone of Delta Gardens. Our work with clients inspires and informs our research process. Every client who comes to us has unique needs and conditions, and we consider each case an open, ongoing inquiry. We routinely ask: how did this condition arise and what strategy of essences will ease the effects on the body, mind and emotions?

Although we have an extensive collection of essences that we know well and use often, we are always looking for new essences - both in New England and around the world -that will support our clients in specific ways. We believe that nature has a solution for virtually any issue; it is up to us to uncover the possibilities.

When making a new essence, we often receive initial intuitive imprints that direct us to particular plants and suggest potential uses. Over time and in conjunction with our clients, we develop a comprehensive profile of every essence we make, tracking the circumstances and conditions that each one may influence. Through this ongoing and dynamic work, we often discover a new use for an essence we have been using for years.

In addition to actively seeking new plants, we are always exploring new ways of administering our essences. We have developed the Partnership Energy Transmission (PET) Protocol - a technique that we now use frequently to energetically guide essences through the client’s system. This approach amplifies and enhances the effects of the essences and is one example of our commitment to discovering the full energetic range of our products.

We are also exploring new uses for flower essences beyond their traditional capacity to balance emotional and mental patterns. We are now actively researching the role that flower, gem, mushroom and ocean life essences can have on clearing toxicity and supporting health after various kinds of infections.

Delta Gardens offers a truly radical and impeccable insight into realizing the full potential of flower essences. I first became acquainted with Delta Gardens and David Dalton in 2003, and this meeting changed my life. The trainings he offers provide a sensible, spirited and practical way to use flower essences. Now over a decade later, he continues to evolve this healing modality in the most cutting edge yet down-to-earth ways. With precision, insight and faith in nature, Delta Gardens is making a massive contribution to the world of flower essence therapy. Honestly, I think it may take the world 20 more years to catch up.

-Mark D'Aquila, Flower Essence Practitioner and Founder of Essence Alchemy