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Delta Gardens had been recommended to me by a few people that I really trust over the years. I’ve been suffering with Lyme and ME/cfs for decades and severe/home-bound for 4 years now. I’ve tried a million natural modalities AND meds over the years without much success. I decided to do a series of flower essence treatments to help me with the spiritual and emotional despair of it all..It wasn’t on my agenda or in my expectations in any way that I was doing this to heal my Lyme or ME/cfs. Like, I’d given up on that notion, to preserve sanity. But physical stabilization and relief is what has happened. I am completely shocked. It’s been 3 months and the quality of my life and stamina and emotional regulation is significantly better. I’m not saying I’m healed forever, maybe it’s remission, I don’t know, but it’s the best I’ve felt in many many years. Now I’m fascinated with flower essences, how in the world could they be helping so much? It’s not a placebo because, believe me, I’ve tried ten million things so something else would have worked by now in that case. Also, I find David to be down to earth, kind, funny and stable-feeling. Many alternative healers can feel kind of unhinged to me or too much magical thinking. If you are feeling pulled towards working with flower essences it has been a really positive experience and solid place to work. The office staff is also professional and kind. And I never feel like anyone is trying to get me to buy products or bombarding me with marketing emails or anything like that. A special place for sure. —Tara M.

David is a master at his craft and a lovely human too. David demonstrated his skills when I was on my death bed and helped bring me back from Lyme. When I am confused about symptoms I have, I don't call my doctor which often takes me down the medical rabbit hole. David is often able to flesh out what going on and treat me without the side affects of pharmaceuticals. I am so grateful. —Cate W.

For 4-5 years, I was battling warts on my hands. I literally had over 200 warts between the both of them. I tried over-the-counter wart remover which made them worse, I tried different herbs and nothing worked. As a NeuroKinetic therapist I am constantly touching people and as my hands were getting worse with the warts, my job was getting harder to perform. One of my clients told me how they had been healed from Lyme disease by David Dalton and recommended I give him a try. David called me for a free phone consultation and diagnosed me over the phone and recommended the appropriate essences. It took roughly 3 months before I started seeing results but less than 8 months later I am completely wart-free!! I am beyond happy with the services provided. I thought I would never heal, I’m forever grateful.—Brian H.

I am very grateful for David both as a mentor and as a practitioner. I have been using his essences for years for clients and myself and don’t know if I could have recovered from Lyme Disease and parasite infection without his help. In two sessions, I feel so much better, and my digestion is back to normal which had not been for some time. I am excited to continue my work with them and so thankful for this alternative help. David is a way-shower, and I am so grateful I met him! Thank you David and Delta Gardens! —Grace M.

David Dalton is an incredibly gifted and intuitive flower essence practitioner. I have been using Delta Garden flower essences for almost 20 years, and I find them amazingly supportive and powerful. His wide range of products address a multitude of emotional, physical and spiritual challenges. I highly recommend his services, products and any classes/workshops that he has to offer. —Leslie W.

I have been using Delta Gardens flower essences for a few years now. They are remarkable in addressing the emotional and energetic causes underlying physical ailments. I have found them to be a game-changer in making key shifts when working on myself or with others. Gem essences used under their guidance can also be very effective in targeting physical issues - especially those that defy traditional medicine. I have also studied with David and would highly recommend the workshops, essences and sessions. —Namee B.

Finally, found exactly what I was looking for and needed for my healing journey. So grateful to David Dalton (and staff) for the kind direction and guidance! Progress and visible improvement! I can’t explain it, but David can. So worth my hour-long drive from Boston! Things are finally beginning to shift and positive healing experiences are flowing. It’s never too late for healing. Must experience for yourself. —Gianna

Feedback About Us

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David and the Delta Gardens team has been instrumental in my healing process, and I highly recommend their products to my friends and clients. Thank you for everything all of you do over there. Gratitude flows from my heart to all of yours!!

My experience with David years ago and more recently with the staff speaks to the integrity in the personal care and interactions, in the products. You can feel the deep connection to nature, the depth of knowledge and experience.

I wouldn’t be where and who I am personally and professionally without the support of David and Delta Gardens essences. Thank you. 

I highly recommend Delta Gardens products, staff/practitioners and healing modalities as alternative (or in conjunction) to managing disease states/disorders.

A wonderful flower essence company/family dedicated to their cause in every way that you can be.


Feedback About Our Essences

(Responses collected through an anonymous survey)

Even before my purchase, I would describe Delta Gardens as one of the best places to get quality flower essences from someone who has decades of knowledge.

I tell people about you all of the time! I share how I think your essences are so high-vibe compared to other companies. And I love the unique-to-the-region essences that come from plants and trees I know well too.

Delta Gardens is a superior company with unique high-quality products.

Highest integrity products, compassionate services, and kind staff - all backed by solid research and insightful, inspiring innovations.

I am excited to work further with the essences made by Delta Gardens.  I hope to gain more information and knowledge. The topic interests me greatly and after using the essences myself I know how effective they are. BEAUTIFUL work. Thank you for sharing with the world!


Feedback About Our Classes

Every class I take from Delta Gardens leaves me more more inspired and knowledgeable. David has a way of explaining things that is clear and interesting. He keeps the class on schedule and yet attends to questions so that it all flows smoothly. Jennifer’s slides are beautiful and informative. I’m grateful for every class I’ve taken from Delta Gardens and look forward to continuing to grow and expand with future classes. —Robin C.

David’s wisdom and deep understanding about flower essences ripples out into his workshops and everyone of his flower/gem essences. His training is fun and empowering and very informative and would suit both advanced practitioners and those just starting out on their flower essence journey. David is the only essence producer I know who has spent many years traveling all around the world, collecting flower essences and sharing his findings with the world. I loved his recent (PET) online training and can’t wait to start integrating what I’ve learnt within my practice here in the U.K. —Rachel A.

David is a wealth of knowledge and presenter. Jennifer makes amazing slides. The container for each class is always uplifting and educational. Very grateful for this community.

I highly recommend the Partnership Energy Transmission workshop for any flower essence practitioner. —Joyce L.

This was an incredibly valuable class that I am already working into my practice with clients and my own life taught by a truly amazing mentor! —Jennifer M.