Flower Essence Practitioner Training

Delta Gardens is committed to training flower essence practitioners. We offer programs for students who are new to the field and for more experienced professionals who are looking to develop and deepen their practice.

Delta Gardens Practitioner Training Program - Temporarily Unavailable

We are excited to be working on a big update to our Practitioner Training Program! We plan to offer this program, in person, in the summer of 2021. We will need to suspend the online version of this class until that time as well - as we develop and upgrade our content and delivery system. We'll be including new research, perspectives and insights on using and making flower essences in addition to the following core subjects:

  • The history of flower essences
  • How to understand the language of flowers
  • How to foster spiritual connection and partnership with the plants
  • Creating and researching our own flower essences
  • Human energetic anatomy using the chakra system as a framework
  • Medicinal herbs as flower essences
  • Tree essences, lily essences, daisy essences, gem elixirs, mushroom essences, and other Delta Gardens essences
  • The art of combining essences in formulation
  • How to use essences for various emotional and physical concerns 
  • PET – Partnership Energy Transmission – using the essences during energy sessions
  • Working with others

If you are interested in studying with us in person or online starting in the summer of 2021, please check back here for updates and/or contact Steve at 603-601-6929 ~ steve@deltagardens.com for more information. You may also fill out the application below to reserve your spot!


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Practitioner Program Application

As someone who has taken many courses and trainings, I feel that David's Practitioner Training was absolutely one of the best! David presented a depth of material from his experience and research that was thorough, organized and profoundly enlightening. He made the teachings accessible and offered lessons that I can apply to my broader life. I definitely got more than I anticipated from the course!

-Kristina Pico