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Product Development

Delta Gardens has been making essences for over 30 years. Our small team of practitioners is committed to creating high-quality remedies. We pay close attention to the health of the environment (soil, air and water) in which our plants develop. The flowers that we use in our essences are all collected in our organic gardens or in wild, pristine habitats.  

Honoring the process pioneered by Dr. Bach, we hand-craft all of our essences in the field, and we rigorously test our products for potency before offering them to the public. Each new essence we develop goes through a multi-year research phase in which we collect data, observing the essence’s area of influence and recording its long-term effects. We store all of our mother essences in glass containers in a climate-controlled environment to preserve their purity.   

Over the years, two factors have directed our essence production - nature, itself, and clients’ needs. We look to natural cycles and patterns in plant growth and proliferation to guide our essence-making process. Unusually hearty plants, unexpected volunteers and natural bumper crops always get our attention. We believe that the appearance of plants in a natural habitat can tell us about strengths and imbalances within our ecosystem and potentially within ourselves, as we belong to the natural biome.

Our extensive work with clients also drives essence production. Client needs and conditions lead us back to the natural world where we look for possible solutions in specific plants. We are particularly motivated to cultivate new essences when we notice the same issues - common areas of discomfort - appearing repeatedly in our client population.

I work with flower essences made by many different companies, but there are none as comprehensive or as powerful as those from Delta Gardens.

-Carla Savetsky, Owner of Natural Healing for Women