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Flower Essence Workshops

Investigating New Flower Essences: 7 Keys for Research

Researching Flower Essences

Join us in March for a new Zoom workshop on flower essence research!  Have you ever wondered if you have a complete picture of what your essences actually do? Learn how to effectively research your essences, identify their areas of influence and create comprehensive profiles that will help you and others use them effectively.


  • Approaching the research process - 7 key practices
  • Exploring deductive, intuitive and shamanic methods
  • Experiential activities with a "mystery" research essence
  • Applying research standards to any essence you make
  • Developing a comprehensive template of an essence's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects

Date & Time: COMPLETED - If you missed the class but would like to join in the future, send us a note.  If there's enough interest, we'll offer the workshop again.

Cost: $295

Location: Zoom

Program Length: 3 hours

Includes: 1 essence, research form, workshop slides and recording

Devic Healing Temple

Join us in March for the next Devic Healing Temple!  We'll announce the date soon.

Experience the energy of the devic realm for yourself in this unique community healing session.  Devas or plant spirits are the living intelligence behind the healing properties of plants. These living energies become more accessible and active when invoked in flower essence sessions.

Come with an intention for your own healing (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual). David will select flower essences energetically for you and for the rest of the group based on participants' names. During the session, he'll describe each essence he's using and transmit the remedies in a 15-20 minute meditation.

Date & Time: TBA

Cost: Free

Location: Zoom

Program Length: 30-45 minutes

Refund & Cancellation Policy