Flower Essence Workshops

Devic Healing Temple

Join David Dalton on January 23 for the next Devic Healing Temple!

Experience the energy of the devic realm for yourself in this unique community healing session! Devas - or plant spirits - are the living intelligence behind the healing properties of plants. These energies become more accessible and active when invoked in flower essences sessions.

Come with an intention for your own healing (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual). David will select flower essences energetically for you and for the rest of the group based on participants' names. During the session, he'll explain the process, describe each essence he's using and transmit the remedies in a 15-20 minute meditation.

Date & Time: January 23, 2022 - 10:30 AM ET

Cost: Free

Location: Online via Zoom

Program Length: 30-45 minutes

Using Flower Essences For Anxiety - For Health Practitioners

Linden flower essence

Whether it's chronic or occasional, whether ambient or situational, anxiety challenges health, performance and well-being. The pace and complexity of life today is a breeding-ground for unrest. Our minds have to mange many projects, deadlines and details. It's not surprising that we often feel overwhelmed and that anxiety takes hold, robbing us of clarity, goodwill and peace-of-mind. At a certain point, when anxiety and sleeplessness become the daily pattern, medication seems to offer the only real solution. A majority of American adults have tried at least one pharmaceutical to manage anxiety. Flower essences offer a safe and effective shield to both lighten the intensity of anxiety and to strengthen the constitution - which, in turn, insulates us from anxious episodes.

This interactive workshop is designed especially for practitioners whose clients are struggling with anxiety. The class will include demonstrations, case studies and small group activities.


  • The five main causes of anxiety
  • How our past prepares us to cope with life's vicissitudes
  • How trauma influences anxiety
  • How anxiety grains a foothold in our consciousness
  • Flower essences for different types of anxiety
  • How to combine flower essences with breathing exercises
  • Different ways of applying flower essences
  • The different types of anxiety and how to address each one with essences
  • Flower essences for fears
  • Flower essences to lower the daily intensity of anxiety

Date & Time: January 8 and 15 ~ 11:00 am-1:00 pm ET on both days

Cost: $260

Location: Online via Zoom

Program Length: 4 hours



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