Flower Essence Workshops

Lilies as Flower Essences: Clearing Emotional Pain, Supporting Pelvic Health & Balancing Chakra 2

Join David Dalton for a new, 3-part workshop and learn how to use lily essences to enhance your emotional and pelvic health.

Lilies are extraordinary essences for working on emotional imprints from the past.  Pain and trauma, especially incurred in early relationships, reside in your emotional body and can affect your perceptions and choices in present relationships. Unprocessed emotional pain can lower the frequency of your second chakra (and related meridians and tissues) and can contribute to a variety of pelvic symptoms.


  • The relationship between past emotional pain, chakra 2 and pelvic issues
  • The impact of trauma on pelvic health
  • How lily essences interact with chakra 2
  • The properties & subtleties of 10 Delta Gardens lily essences
  • Symptoms and conditions that call for lily essences
  • When/when not to use lily essences
  • How to select and how to dose lily essences for particular issues
  • Case studies & research to date


  • 3 Zoom classes and access to class recordings
  • Lilies of the Field by David Dalton, a new publication that explores the energetic effects of lily essences
  • Presentations notes from all classes
  • 20% discount on the Lily Set through the end of February (enter LILY2021 at checkout)

Click HERE to purchase the Delta Gardens Lily Set.

Dates & Times: January 30, February 6 & 13 ~ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm EST

Cost: $250

Location: Online via Zoom