Delta Gardens Practitioners

Debra Bluth

Debra Bluth has been working in the healing arts for 25 years.  Her deep love of nature has led to her work as a flower essence practitioner and maker, and as a clinical herbalist.  Out in nature daily, she is passionate about her direct exploration with the plants and about then bringing those plants into the office to work clinically.  A certified Zen Shiatsu therapist and Integrative Yoga therapist, Debra also has a long background of movement and bodywork training through martial and energetic arts, dance and the field of somatics.  She holds advanced degrees in psychology and choreography.  She has been a practitioner at Delta Gardens since 2012, using a blend of flower essences and herbs with clients.  She is currently in her third year of homeopathy school.

David Dalton

David Dalton is the founder of Delta Gardens. He combines his background in behavioral sciences with his deep understanding of the natural world to delve into the mystery and potential of flower essences as a 21st century complement to medical health care. His work continues along the lines of research started by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s.

Jennifer Elmore

Jennifer is a flower essence practitioner and maker, Reiki master and certified Full-Spectrum energy practitioner. With an M.S.Ed. in Education and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, she has worked as a project manager at Delta Gardens since 2012. Jennifer helps clients explore their own unique relationship with the natural world - an elemental ally and guide through any physical, emotional or spiritual healing process.

I went to Delta Gardens for Lyme disease symptoms. I was experiencing brain fog and weakness in my legs. With one session, I had relief and by the end of a 6-session treatment plan, I was back to myself. I found the essences powerfully effective in a gentle way and the practitioners at Delta Gardens knowledgable and professional.

-Kim N