Our Story

Founded in the mid-1980s by David Dalton, Delta Gardens is dedicated to flower essence production, research, clinical practice and education. David has been making flower essences in New England research gardens and in natural habitats throughout the world for over thirty years. Since the beginning of his unique flower essence adventure, David has combined clinical thinking, intuition and a strong relationship with nature to create an extensive collection of products that support emotional, mental and physical health.

As an essence producer and practitioner, David has realized two important truths that have guided his work - and the direction of Delta Gardens - for many decades. 

1. Partnership with Nature

Creating potent flower essences requires several ingredients including strong sun exposure, healthy plants and pure water and soil - but the most important element in producing high quality flower essences is the partnership between the flower essence maker and nature. Taking care to capture this relationship in the production process makes for more powerful, deeply-acting essences.

2. Flower Essences and Physical Health

Traditionally, flower essences have been used to address mental and emotional stress, but flower essences can also have a profound effect on the health of the body. At Delta Gardens, research into the properties of flower essences is an ongoing endeavor through daily, extensive work with clients. It is in this crucible that the real range and potency of the essences unfolds into clinical certainties.