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Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner Weekend

All of our essences are sold in 1/2 ounce bottles unless otherwise indicated.

We ship anywhere in the world through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Please contact us for help with international orders —

Delta Gardens is organic and progressive by nature. This means that, through our busy practice, we are constantly discovering new essences and new applications of traditional essences. We also stay in touch with practitioners who are doing powerful and ground-breaking work with essences. Don’t miss this chance to upgrade your skills and network with other flower essence professionals who have been doing this work for decades.


  • Managing difficult client personalities and complicated cases
  • Detoxing clients with blocked pathways
  • Expanding our approach to viruses (especially Epstein-Barr), thyroid issues and heavy metals
  • Developing your relationship with flower essence guides
  • The value of "constitutional" essences
  • The new Ireland essences
  • The art of the essence blend
  • Essences to counter disillusionment, mental negativity and spiritual apathy (Mark D'Aquila)
  • Shamanic healing for animals using flower essences (Diane Dewberry)

    Date: September 28-29

    Shilo Farm
    88 Beech Rd
    Eliot, ME 03903

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell plants, flowers or gemstones at Delta Gardens. Our products are energetic tinctures.

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