Becoming Whole: Accessing the Wisdom of Your Higher Self

Please note: we do not sell plants, flowers or gemstones at Delta Gardens. Our flower and gem essences are energetic tinctures.

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We have, within us, all of the answers that we require to live fully and freely, but accessing these insights is not always easy, particularly when we are busy with the details of our daily lives. In this transformative weekend, David Dalton will show you how flower essences and a variety of experiential activities can clear internal clutter and help you access a well of inner wisdom that will align you with your true life purpose. Participants will receive a set of 8 custom-blended essences that will help release old patterns and open a channel to the higher self.


  • Releasing fears, resentments and regrets with flower and gem essences
  • Introductory chanting
  • Channeling with spirit guides
  • Past-life regression
  • Mandala meditations
  • Opening to messages from spirit guides
  • Developing your intuition with flower essences

Date: October 26-27

Time: 10am-5pm

Roots to Wings
76 Newburyport Turnpike
Newbury, MA 01951