Coaching for Change

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Chronic health issues, depression and anxiety frequently highlight aspects of our lives that are calling for change. Flower essences can help us with many types of transition, but because it is part of the human condition to resist or even fear change, it remains the responsibility of the practitioner to help clients move through the process by:
  • Clearly seeing the changes clients must go through to regain health and balance
  • Helping clients recognize the connection between health issues and the aspects of life calling for change
  • Selecting essences that support transformation

In this 3-session workshop, participants will refine their sensitivity and skill to help clients navigate transitions for better health and greater life satisfaction.

1. How and when to change: diet, relationships, work/profession, high-stress lifestyle, addictions and habits
2. Supporting self-care
3. Changing inner programming - working with fears, beliefs and attitudes
4. Timing and readiness for change
5. Managing resistance
6. Flower essences for change

Dates & Times: Coming soon!

Cost: $225

Location: Online via Zoom