Ireland Set

Please note: we do not sell plants, flowers or gemstones at Delta Gardens. Our flower and gem essences are energetic tinctures.

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The flower, gem, animal and environmental essences in the Ireland Set provide us with an ancient link to our deepest selves - uniting us with earth energies and allowing us to work with archetypes and with the blueprint of the soul.

The essences in the Ireland Set were crafted on the Burren, a profoundly magical region of undisturbed wildlife and beautiful limestone on the western coast. The plants in this region do not grow anywhere else in the world because of the alkaline nature of the soil and the temperate climate.

We’d like to extend our great thanks to Kate Gilday and Don Babineau of Woodland Essence who were our guides on 3 separate journeys to Ireland - Don for his knowledge of Irish history, geology and folk tales and Kate for her deep connection to the plants and the fairy realm.

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