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Protection Set

All of our essences are sold in 1/2 ounce bottles unless otherwise indicated.

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The human energy field has the dual functions of keeping us in incarnation and keeping us safe. We are kept safe by an energy structure around us that, when healthy, repels a variety of harmful vibrations, such as low frequency emotions and types of radiation and negativity.  What we feel at any moment comes from both inside of us and from those things we have absorbed from the world around us.  

Various kinds of stress can compromise the energy field, leaving us vulnerable to unwanted conditions or experiences, including accidents, illness, anxiety, insomnia, obsessions and energy loss. Very sensitive people have a more porous structure to their energy fields and are likely to feel and hear things that others do not. The essences in the Protection Set each help to repair and/or strengthen the insulating quality of the energy field. They are useful as a daily regimen or during times of stress to keep us healthy and content. The essences can be taken internally or added to mist bottles.  

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