Relax Package

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The items in the "Relax" package will help undo the effects of stress, allowing you to release anxiety and relax more deeply into your day. This is a perfect gift for those who are over-committed or overworked - or whose perspective is shadowed with worry.

Contents: Clearing Spray, Peace Amulet, Borage Essence, Calm Essence, Relax Essence

Instructions: Use the Clearing spray regularly to remove any energetic heaviness - the remnants of stress or anxiety - from your living space. Wear the Peace amulet to help you embody and express your natural ease. Take the essences (3 drops, 3x/day) to help you shift from a place of stress into a place of peace, flow and fully-embodied breath. We recommend that you take one essence at a time. You may rotate the essences weekly.