Understanding & Making Flower Essences

Please note: we do not sell plants, flowers or gemstones at Delta Gardens. Our flower and gem essences are energetic tinctures.

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Join us for the first in a series of three Zoom workshops on flower essence fundamentals - ideal for all levels of experience.  Newly distilled information from 30+ years of research and discovery.


  • Dr. Bach - the relevance of his life and work to flower essence work today
  • Traditional essence-making
  • Current thinking and trends
  • Essentials and refinements to the essence-making process
  • Preparing the water - purifying & energizing
  • The sun - issues of duration, shade, clouds, shadows
  • The moon - what moonlight produces in an essence, "moon plants"
  • The flowers - selection and placement
  • The container - how the bowl or jar affects the pattern of the essence
  • Ceremony - enhancing your connection
  • Duration - how long to expose the essence to sun and moon and why
  • Storage - protecting your essences, temperature, location, evaporation
  • Communication with the Devic Realm

Includes: Workshop slides & access to class recordings

      Date & Time: November 5 ~ 10:30 AM-12:00 PM ET

      Cost: $25

      Location: Online via Zoom

      Program Length: 1.5 hours

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