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Vision Quest with Grand Canyon Essences

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Join us in September for a weekend-long vision quest experience, featuring essences made in the Grand Canyon and the Sedona desert.  In this workshop, you’ll use essences to guide you in a solitary quest for life-changing healing, inspiration and clarity.

This workshop may be of value if you:

  • are approaching a crossroads in your life
  • need guidance on a question or problem
  • are seeking a ritual to better understand an important life event
  • wish to deepen your connection to yourself, to spirit and to the natural world.

Our “vision quest” features four parts:

1. Self Assessment 
We’ll provide you with a series of questions to consider before the workshop to help you clarify your goals, wishes and needs going into the experience.

2. Introduction to the Canyon Essences - Friday ~ 6:00 pm-8:00 pm ET
We’ll offer an overview of all of the essences in the Canyon Set and explain how you can select and use these essences to enhance your visioning experience.  David will talk about how to manage your solitary time, and we’ll conclude with a remote healing using the Sacred Datura essence.

3. Vision Quest - Saturday
You’ll take 2-5 hours of solitary time on Saturday, preferably in nature or if necessary, in a quiet indoor space.  You’ll be using essences from the Canyon Set as a guide, taking notes on any shifts, insights and inspirations that may come to you.  This is your time to journey into nature, into yourself and into the essences. 

4. Learning the Language of Spirit Responses - Sunday ~ 10:30 am-12:30 pm ET
We’ll reconvene on Sunday morning to share experiences and begin to decipher the many manifestations of spirit communication.

This workshop can help:

  • enhance clarity on your life path
  • offer deeper understanding of your authentic self
  • change unhealthy behavior patterns
  • release fears that prevent movement
  • enhance your ability to make conscious change.

Dates: September 8, 9, 10

Cost: $260 (includes Canyon Set valued at $150)

Location: Zoom

Program Length: 4 hours

Products: vision quest preparation, PDF of slides, Canyon Set, class recordings

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