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  • Schedule a Consultation
    Find out what flower essences can do for you! Book a consultation with one of our practitioners and experience the restorative benefits of a flower essence energy session.
  • The Passionflower Set
    The 8 varieties of Passionflower in this collection help us embody a higher frequency of love and peace, embrace compassion for all beings and follow in the footsteps of our enlightened teachers.
  • Tulip Poplar Study
    Do you love trees as much as we do?  Check out our latest tree study, featuring the exquisite Tulip Poplar essence.  Our thanks to the many volunteers who helped us explore this new remedy!

Our Story

David Dalton

Founded in the mid-1980s by David Dalton (left), Delta Gardens is dedicated to flower essence production, research, clinical practice and education. David has been making flower essences in New England research gardens and in natural habitats throughout the world for over thirty years. Since the beginning of his unique flower essence adventure, David has combined clinical thinking, intuition and a strong relationship with nature to create an extensive collection of products that support emotional, mental and physical health.

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