Costmary - For Releasing Regrets

by David Dalton September 19, 2023

Costmary - For Releasing Regrets

Tanacetum balsamita ~ elemental signature: earth-air-fire (some) 

A member of the Asteraceae family, Costmary flowers are small yellow disks that bloom late in the season.  We identify Costmary as a "Type 2 Daisy" as it does not have any rays or petals.

Costmary has a notable herbal history - it was once used for liver and stomach ailments as well as for irregular menstrual cycles and for childbirth. Its herbal use is all but discontinued these days.  Most herbalists grow it now as a flavoring for tea because of its mild, aromatic smell and taste.

As a flower essence, it takes its place as a remedy for deeply-held regrets.  When reviewing the past, we, almost without fail, focus on those choices or actions that we are sorry ever occurred or those opportunities that we missed.  In some cases, this can cause a cloud of self-judgment that occasionally haunts us and, in extreme cases, occupies our minds on a daily basis.

Costmary brings up these times in our lives to examine and release.  The essence lessens the effect or charge of these regrets so that we have more choice about whether to pay attention to these events or to let them go. Over time, we develop an understanding that the past is past and that self-forgiveness and gratitude are the remedies for regret.

Practitioners working with this remedy can help clients by highlighting:

  1. the necessity of making errors to develop understanding and wisdom,
  2. the positive results of seemingly unfortunate choices,
  3. the relative level of maturity at the time of the event, and
  4. the power of gratitude for overcoming regrets.

Digestive issues may go along with judging ourselves harshly because of past events.  If this is the case, taking Costmary may ease of symptoms such as: reflux, poor appetite, ulceration and hemorrhoids.  The liver may also begin to detox while we take this remedy.

Shadows of past events may appear in dreams.  For instance, we might dream about someone we've hurt in some way in the past.  This is all part of the releasing process that is typical for button-like flowers.

In early phases of treatment, Costmary combines well will Codonopsis or Hyssop.  In later phases, we recommend pairing it with Missouri Primrose.  For cases of obsession with the past, bring in Marshmallow with Scarlet Pimpernel or Fraxinella.  If the issues have to do with sexuality or pregnancy, combine Costmary with Casa Blanca Lily.

In most cases, we use the essence at the dosage level.  When there is a clear relationship between physical symptoms and regrets, we use the stock essence.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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