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Blueberry - Focus & Clarity

by David Dalton August 14, 2023

Blueberry - Focus & Clarity

Vaccinium corymbosum ~ elemental signature: air-earth

Blueberry fruits and teas have a long list of health benefits.  Among other things, blueberries are a powerful antioxidant and can provide protection from free radical damage. They’re also anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting and can offer support to the brain, heart and eyes.

We use the Blueberry flower essence primarily to support mental clarity and focus.  It does this first by easing mental turbulence and promoting feelings of ease. Next, it protects the mind from distracting thoughts which can further enhance our ability to concentrate.

The essence is beneficial for those of us with jobs that require a keen mental focus.  Professionals in science and engineering will find Blueberry a valuable tool for efficiency as would anyone involved in projects that demand full and sustained concentration.

Blueberry also enhances the coordination of the left and right brain, providing not only focus and concentration, but also opening the mind to insight and intuition.  Blueberry enhances thinking by involving the whole brain in the process of completing tasks.  For this reason, the essence is useful for creative endeavors in the arts and discovery projects in the sciences.

Blueberry enhances teaching and learning by providing clarity and insight in the learning process.  The essence can help overcome communication difficulties between different brain-dominant types. For instance, confusion often arises when a creative type is attempting to communicate with a logical type.  Blueberry can help resolve any misunderstandings or frustrations that evolve from these differences.

We recommend the essence for relationships as well (friendships, professional relationships, parent-child relationships, romantic relationships) where there is some difficulty understanding or being understood.  The essence helps the people involved see one other more clearly and accept and appreciate differences.

Because the essence enhances concentration, it can be a valuable ally for those who have a spiritual or meditative practice. The round, deep purple fruits signify a level of safety that helps to calm natural anxieties that may arise when we move into deeper meditative states or different levels of reality.

For focus, clarity and communication issues, use the dosage level.  If there are eye or vision problems accompanying these issues, use the stock level.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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