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Blackberry Lily - Release Trauma

by David Dalton November 29, 2022

Blackberry Lily - Release Trauma

Belamcanda chinesis ~ elemental signature: fire-water

Blackberry Lily is not a true lily, belonging instead to the Iris family.  A new name was proposed for it in 2005 - Iris domestica, but the old name and reference is still widely used.

Some research indicates that components found in the rhizome can inhibit the proliferation of prostate cancer cells.  It is used in Chinese medicine for respiratory conditions and irregular menstrual cycles.  The herb is contraindicated during pregnancy.

This is our premier essence for all aspects of recovery from physical beatings or sexual abuse in childhood. It is noteworthy that the herb has a pelvic application for both men and women. As a flower essence, it can support recovery in a number of ways:

  • It can help us recover childhood memories of abuse buried in the subconscious. 
  • It can help us through stages of trauma-denial, especially when the abuser has been a loved one or caregiver.
  • It can help ease fears, obsessive thoughts and struggles regarding sexuality in present relationships.
  • It can help with the fear, shame and guilt associated with childhood abuse.
  • It can help the conscious mind hold, process and release information from this type of trauma.

When prescribing Blackberry Lily, the practitioner should consider combining it with stabilizing or protecting essences such as Borage, Linden, Yarrow or Angelica - or with essences for calming the nervous system such as Lavender or Lemon Balm. These essences act as companions to Blackberry Lily, stabilizing the energy field and permitting the flow of subconscious information to the surface.

It is also important that the client be in a lifestyle that is safe and supportive. This will allow the action of the essence to flow.  When threat and turmoil are present, the client is less likely to respond to the positive effects of the essence.

Clients experience the Blackberry Lily essence in a number of ways. If they have blocked memories, they may have bona fide awakenings in the conscious mind of events that were previously hidden. They might also notice disturbing dreams that suggest previous abuse. In some instances, no memories or images surface - rather, people might experience a depression, an increase in addictive tendencies, sleep interruptions or general feelings of being disturbed.  In these instances, the essence is loosening information which the conscious mind has been blocking.  It is best to take the essence more frequently and to engage short-term therapeutic help to assist in the processing.

Often, clients with a history of abuse can have chronic pelvic symptoms or a susceptibility to regular pelvic inflammation.  Symptoms such as fibroid tumors, endometriosis, prostate swelling, pelvic pain, bladder infections, are all possible expressions of early abuse.

Blackberry Lily can be helpful even when a client does not want to remember the past or refuses to acknowledge the possible guilt of a family member, supporting the subconscious release of emotional pain and bringing relief to physical symptoms.

If pelvic symptoms are present, it is best to use the stock essence or a 1x dilution of the stock.  Otherwise, the standard preparation of a dosage bottle will yield impressive results.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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