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Black Cohosh - Release Imprints of Violence

by David Dalton March 22, 2023 1 Comment

Black Cohosh - Release Imprints of Violence

Actaea racemosa ~ elemental signature: earth-air

Black Cohosh is a native to eastern North America, growing in a variety of woodland settings, from pastures and fields to the deep woods.  It has gained a popularity as a medicine for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.  Some research with mice suggests it may be an effective remedy for prostate cancer. The 4-6 foot white spires on the flower contrast with the dark-colored root.

Violence-trauma yields a deep and long-lasting blow to the psyche. Witnessing or being a victim of violence in childhood causes an imprint which remains in the subconscious and can shape the personality in a number of ways.  The adaptive behaviors produced by violence are sometimes direct opposites, such as:

A tendency to judge and shun strong personalities
An attraction to power and charisma

A lack of confidence engaging in social situations
A bullying personality

A general avoidance of social situations
Being gregarious and charming

An inability to hold boundaries
Being a boundary-crasher

An inability to feel and express anger
Anger addiction

An avoidance of conflict
An attraction to violence

Fear-avoidance of one’s own power
Overconfidence and reckless risk-taking

In all of these situations, violence-trauma is at the root of the adaptation in the personality.  The type and severity of the individual’s condition depends on how frequent and severe the imprints of violence have been. Anxiety, low self-esteem, obsessive thoughts, tendency towards depression, failed relationships and addictive behaviors can also be traced back to repeated incidents of family violence in childhood.

Violence-trauma victims can also repeat the past, acting out the very behaviors that caused them damage, either as the victim or aggressor.

When the client becomes aware that present conditions in his/her/their life and personality are connected to a violent past and is willing to make changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors, Black Cohosh becomes the remedy of choice.

The action of Black Cohosh can appear in two different ways:

1. The client can begin to process the fears through dreams, memories, flashbacks or a spike in anxiety and addictive tendencies.  In this case, it is best that the client has a support system in place to facilitate the release of the trauma.

2. The client can feel a deep relief, as if something heavy or dark has been taken away.

Black Cohosh should be considered a short-term essence, given for 1-3 weeks depending on the client’s response. Black Cohosh combines well with Peace Rose, Motherwort, Hawthorn and other essences that highlight safety and protection.

As an herb, Black Cohosh is sometimes called the “whiplash remedy” because of its effect on the neck vertebrae.  With violence-trauma in the history, there can be an anterior tip to the pelvis, as if pulling back from some fear.  This action in the hips pushes the head and neck into a forward position.  There can be an easing of chiropractic adjustments when taking this essence.

If the history of trauma-violence is accompanied by pelvic symptoms, use the stock essence or a 1x potency of the stock - otherwise the dosage dilution is preferable.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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September 18, 2023

I am so happy to find this site.
And Black cohas..i always am in pain in the back of my head there i had someone who was violent with me.
Also a whiplash and i never found something to help me releave this pain .it is draining for my life.
I am very happy with your description of Black cohas because now i know it is perfect for me and i will try it too.🌟

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