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Flowers and the Earth Element

by David Dalton April 28, 2022

Flowers and the Earth Element

The reward of looking more closely at plants and flowers is the delight of “seeing” that the natural world has a language that gives us clues about how to be in relationship with it. This means, on one level, that plants and flowers are in a constant state of open communication with humankind, telling us how to use them for our healing and development.

Observing plants through their elements brings us into a world of revelation and deep insight regarding the healing action of a plant. But how do we see the elements (fire, water, air and earth)? What characteristics give us this information? It is simple to separate the elements and observe them in the plant kingdom.

Large, darkly-colored, thickly-clustered plants with a general downward gesture, deep roots and round shapes tell us earth. 

We need this element for grounding, safety and freedom from fears. We also need this element for our bones and mineral absorption. Plants that show this element strongly will support any part of our earth natures that are out of balance.

We develop our earth nature in early childhood. This is when we learn about safety and grounding. It develops in a crucible of healthy family dynamics. Early imprints of neglect and abuse will retard the growth of our earth natures, and we are then predisposed to develop anxieties, sleeplessness, confusion about life purpose and difficulty maintaining healthy relationships - all from missing the element of earth. On the physical level, we can have problems with feet, legs, food absorption, lower back, immune system or kidneys.

Here’s an example of a flower essence that restores and balances the earth element.

Red Cedar carries a strong earth signature because of its thick, tightly-bunched branches, dark foliage and deep red in its wood. The essence promotes feelings of safety and home and generates an attitude that all is well. This essence calms anxiety and promotes evenness.

Generally speaking, the Red Cedar and other earth essences help to re-balance our earth natures. The more we attune to the language of nature, the more opportunities we have to learn its mystery and reap its bounty.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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