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Message to Our Community

by David Dalton June 05, 2020

Message to Our Community

Like so many around the world, we have been struggling to process the tragedy of George Floyd’s death and the racial injustice embedded in our society. The pain of this moment is calling us to reflect, to listen and to act with compassion and love - to examine our place within a culture that fundamentally does not ensure the safety, equity or well-being of all.   

At Delta Gardens, we are committed to healing in partnership with the natural world. Flower essences, as emissaries of nature, are not always gentle or soft. They often unearth destructive patterns, blind spots and buried traumas. They often challenge us to work through and release very old material in order to access a place of greater balance, peace and health.

We know that the work of change is often quite difficult, and we are profoundly committed to this process as individuals, practitioners, community-members and global citizens. We stand with all who are speaking out and peacefully protesting systemic racism - who hold higher values of love, kindness, understanding, generosity and care for one another. In this time of grief, may we reach within ourselves and find new ways to evolve together.

The Delta Gardens team ~ David, Debra, Jennifer, Katie, Paula & Steve

David Dalton
David Dalton


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