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Astragalus - Armor Up

by David Dalton June 30, 2022

Astragalus - Armor Up

Astragalus membranaceus ~ elemental signature: earth-air

Astragalus is one of our more spectacular flower essences both in its physical presentation and in its flower essence action.  Blooming in the summer, it shows clusters of cream-colored, elegantly-curved, tubular flowers, nodding to the earth.

Astragalus has an herbal history for treating infections and boosting the immune system. Some herbalists caution against using Astragalus during infection because of its contractive action on the cells.  The concern is that taking the herb might trap the infection inside the tissues, preventing the flow of healthy energy through the membranes.

The flower essence, when ingested, causes the energy field to stabilize and contract. This type of contraction happens naturally when we are under serious threat.  We close off to external stimuli and prepare for defensive action.  Astragalus tightens the energy field, keeping us safe and grounded during duress. This tightening of the field can explain how the herbal action causes a contraction in the cells and membranes.

We recommend this essence for those who are facing times or circumstances of extreme external threat: a divorce proceeding, a court hearing, an IRS audit.  Whenever one has to face a situation involving direct or potential conflict, Astragalus is the essence of choice. It helps with both the fears and loss of energy associated with this type of event. One is able to sustain a feeling of strength and to think clearly during an otherwise debilitating time.

Astragalus’ action is also useful when traveling.  During these times, the energy field expands and becomes porous, leaving us more vulnerable.  It’s a useful addition to your emergency travel kit.

Astragalus is available as single essence - we've also included in our Emergency Protection blend and special travel formula called Jet Lag.

David Dalton
David Dalton


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