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Delta Gardens Featured in Spirit of Change

by Jennifer Elmore August 14, 2016

Delta Gardens Featured in Spirit of Change

Check out David Dalton’s interview with Regina Reichert, originally published on the Lyme Nation website and now featured in Spirit of Change magazine. David discusses the role that flower essences can play in supporting people with tick-borne infections. Here are a few of the topics he covers: 

* How flower essences can influence the human energy system and support the body’s own ability to heal

* What he’s observed about the energetics of Lyme in his work with clients

* Which essences are useful when Lyme and co-infections are present

* What factors influence recovery

For more information about the essences we use when clients come in with Lyme or co-infections, take a look at our Teasel Set and Artemisia Set or contact us at

Jennifer Elmore
Jennifer Elmore


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