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Favorite Essence #1 - Eastern Red Cedar

by David Dalton November 16, 2020 2 Comments

Favorite Essence #1 - Eastern Red Cedar

Since my first infatuation with flower essences, I’ve made close to 1000 essences from 5 continents and 8 countries. To make these essences, I had to make a commitment to the flower essence adventure. That adventure is one of research and discovery, beginning with finding flowers and ending with clinical information about their potency and potential. This is not easy work because it challenges the way we look at life, health and illness. The flowers themselves speak in a language through their action on the body, mind and emotions. They give clear pictures of what is required for health and happiness by the way they impact the person taking the essence. They show relationships between the physical, mental and emotional through their action on each. For instance, one can improve a heart condition by taking an essence which helps release anger, or resentment. One can find his or her immune system working more efficiently after releasing a past trauma. In this way, the essences provide instruction about all of the necessary components of health - and of the ways the body, mind, emotions and spirit interface to produce health and energy.

I will highlight some of my favorite essences over the next weeks, giving information about what they do and how they work. I hope you take the time to read about them and to share them if you feel the information is valuable. Some of these essences will be ones that I use consistently and some will be flowers that I use infrequently, but they address issues that are pertinent to the times.

1. Eastern Red Cedar - Juniperus virginiana

An essence for feeling safe, stable, and secure.  

Of all the trees that we have in our collection, this one has gotten the most use over the years. It generates a feeling of familiarity with one’s environment, a sense of being at home. This type of feeling is helpful for the stress of new beginnings whether a new job, home, relationship. It challenges this type of stress with a feeling of comfort and a deep knowing that “all is well.” We have noticed that the type of feeling generated by Red Cedar has an impact on tension or stresses residing in the colon. If you are changing your life from the familiar to the unfamiliar or if you are confused about new and unfamiliar feelings rising in you, this essence may be useful for you.

Also useful for:

  • Those who have never felt at home on the earth
  • Menopause
  • Puberty
  • Leaving home for college
  • Those who do not have a home
  • Adopted children
  • Animals entering a new home
  • Life changes of the elderly

If you have any questions about the Red Cedar essence - or if you've used it and would like to share your experiences with it - please leave a comment! Jennifer or I will get back to you.

If you're interested in trying the Red Cedar essence, click HERE to purchase.

David Dalton
David Dalton


2 Responses

Jennifer Elmore
Jennifer Elmore

December 11, 2020

Hi Kimmy!
Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, it would be an excellent resource to keep in a survival kit since the essence helps with grounding and stabilizing in challenging or new circumstances. Great idea!


December 10, 2020

I’m not familiar with this essence. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! It seems to me this would be an excellent essence to keep in a “bug out” bag; as well as the suggestions here.

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