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Flower Adventure 2 - Kampala, Uganda

by David Dalton November 25, 2018

Flower Adventure 2 - Kampala, Uganda

I chose this country because I had a dream of being with flowers at the source of the Nile. I imagined the flowers there might have a primeval quality that would be both exciting and useful. As was my preference, I went alone during the winter for four weeks.

There were many things that went wrong with this trip from the beginning, ending with me having a near-death experience at the end of the first week in Kampala. From this point on, however, everything went right. The near-death experience produced a guiding voice in my head that told me precisely what to do in each situation. It was so clear that it was impossible not to hear and follow it. Without this voice, I would not have completed the project and would not have made it home safely.  

Uganda is a wild, beautiful country filled with beautiful hearts, intense passions and regular violence. Whites are called “Mzugu” which translates as “white” but to Africans, means “blank” or “empty.” There is such hatred of the Mzugu outside of the cities, that I was denied use of bathrooms in service stations and had to be accompanied in and out of public toilets for safety.  

My first and best stroke of luck was finding Leopold, a driver and a guide who helped me in every way from finding supplies, assisting in crowd control (making an essence in Africa attracts the attention of many), time keeping for essence making, expounding African lore, finding lodging, finding flowers and generally being a friend. Leopold drove me west to Queen Elizabeth Game Park, east back through some rough country - and on day trips to places of botanical beauty.  

Again, I made 36 essences in the four weeks and left Kampala just as violence was erupting over a recent election. At the next full moon, back in the U.S., I was able to make eight more Uganda essences from animal spirit imprints, which had been stored in my light body at the game park during the trip. Although I had no idea this was happening at the time, the voice I had acquired in Uganda and lost when I returned home, piped up to tell me what to do at the full moon to bring theses essences into form. I’m very happy to have completed this adventure and grateful to all (visible and invisible) who helped make it a success.  

You can read about the whole trip - the dangers, the near death experience, the breakthroughs, the excitement and all the fun by following this LINK.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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