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Natural Remedy for EMFs

by Jennifer Elmore November 04, 2020

Natural Remedy for EMFs

Many of us are spending long hours on our devices these days - working, watching movies, scrolling through social media and jumping on Zoom calls. While all of this technology is keeping us connected through the pandemic, it may also be having some unwanted effects on our energy levels and overall health.

Our devices emit electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), a form of low-level radiation that can affect the nervous system, if we’re logging a lot of screen time and are unable to take frequent breaks. Those of us who are especially sensitive - who may be recovering from tick-borne diseases, multiple chemical sensitivities, mold toxicity and the like - are generally most affected by EMFs. However, even if you don’t fall into one of these categories, you may still find that you feel lousy after working on your computer for too long.

The EMF-related symptoms that we see most often at Delta Gardens include: insomnia and disturbances in sleep cycles, headaches, depression, irritability, fatigue, an inability to focus or concentrate, brain fog, shakiness and nausea. The nervous system becomes overstimulated by exposure to electromagnetic fields and enters into a feedback loop that often takes time - time away from technology and other EMF-emitting sources - to settle and reset.  

It’s getting harder to find EMF-free zones these days which is why we’ve crafted a new essence blend to help strengthen our energy systems and mitigate the effects of EMFs as much as possible. EMF Protect includes three essences: White Yarrow (flower), Malachite (gem) and our new Shungite (gem) essence.

Yarrow has been one of our "go-to" protection essences for a long time; it helps to seal the energy field and repel a harmful spectrum of waves. We’ve often given Yarrow in combinations to clients who require x-rays - to help their energy systems stay in balance through the testing process.

Malachite provides energetic protection from EMFs as well, helping to stabilize the etheric nervous system. This essence is supportive when we’ve overdone it with technology, as it helps us clear radiation imprints from the energy body.

And finally, Shungite, largely composed of carbon molecules, is a master purifying mineral that neutralizes the negative impact of electromagnetic fields and releases an accumulation of toxins from our energy bodies. Shungite has a long history of therapeutic use, starting with Peter the Great in Russia who built a spa featuring shungite-purified waters.

While it’s obviously a great idea to give yourself a breather from technology whenever possible, EMF Protect is a useful tool when you can’t step away as much as you’d like. It will help shore up your field, boosting energy and concentration and reducing sensations of burnout from EMF exposures. (I’d better go take some after writing this.) The standard dose is 3 drops 2-3x per day.

Follow this LINK for more information or to purchase EMF Protect.

Jennifer Elmore
Jennifer Elmore


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