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Scarlet Pimpernel

by David Dalton May 31, 2020

Scarlet Pimpernel

Scarlet Pimpernel is one of 72 essences in the Delta Gardens Medicinal Herb Set -  David just remade the essence this week in California. The following information is an excerpt from David's book, Stars of the Meadow, featuring in-depth profiles of nearly 50 essences.

Affirmation: My past lives in my present.

A low-growing spreading annual, these tiny flowers are usually scarlet with a purple center. Scarlet Pimpernel has been called a poor man’s weather glass because the flowers are very sensitive, opening to the sun and remaining closed on rainy and cloudy days. A tincture of the plant is used to treat skin irruptions and ulcers. It is also used as a diuretic.

Indications: is tense or anxious; avoids talking about the past; tends to be controlled; has trouble with addictive behavior; avoids feeling intense emotions; is susceptible to inflammations; can be lethargic; has strong attitudes; acts out on occasion; can I have anger attacks; is prone to scalp or skin rashes.

Hurt, anger, sadness, grief, resentment, trauma from the past all have a way of finding a hiding place in the psyche and a way of coexisting with more conscious values and attitudes. There is a kind of balance and agreement that happens between the conscious and the subconscious, resulting in a personality adaptation that favors the present and avoids the past. Subconscious debris stays hidden for the most part and uses attitudes to make a place for them. For instance, there can be a belief that is perfectly right to dislike, even hate, certain types of people. This attitude is, in part, the puppet of deeper, more hidden trauma-type imprints. The deeper imprints become the fuel for the beliefs or attitudes. The dislike or hatred comes from an imprint of the past which is still active but buried in the psyche. The beliefs are convenient justifications for allowing the trauma-feelings to express themselves.

At any given moment, a person strives to balance the deeper feelings with what the beliefs are. In some cases beliefs are formed to justify feelings; in other cases, a person works to change feelings that do not fit with beliefs. This striving for balance in the system can be deadly when the belief system is constructed to allow toxic subconscious realities to live in the system. Here the person indulges in delusions that there is a good reason to have negative feelings, hurtful intentions or evil deeds. Many disturbances in the personality can be described in this way.

Scarlet Pimpernel is a powerful catalyst, and for this reason, it should be used with caution. At any given time, it can help a person develop a healthier balance between attitudes and feelings. It does this by first stimulating more hidden layers of the emotional body. A person has easier access to deeper feelings. With some work, a person can move these toxic vibrations out of the system, which in turn, makes it more possible to develop attitudes and behaviors which are healthier. This process takes time and must be done in stages. It also usually requires some complementary psychotherapy and release work. It is, as one can imagine, an excellent remedy which can be used for those who are in rehabilitation programs, and for teens when acting out becomes destructive.

Scarlet Pimpernel flower essences help of those who have done some inner work but are somewhat frustrated by a low in the process. It is as if there is something there to work on, but it is not entirely within reach. Taking this essence helps a person re-engage with core emotional issues which then can be addressed and released.

Energetically, Scarlet Pimpernel stimulates the deeper layers of the lower chakras. These layers can be near motionless most of the time as they contain dormant energies of the past that are gradually generally suppressed. Slight movement of these layers can stimulate these energies to become active and to begin circulating into the conscious system. The circulation of these energies into the conscious system can cause a variety of responses depending on how ready the person is to receive the new – old information. The red channel between the chakras is stimulated; violent or emotional dreams, drama, and slight temporary inflammations are some possible initial responses to this essence. On the other hand, this essence can ease any of these symptoms if they are already present.

This is a good essence for children who are withdrawn or who tend towards sulking. It can, with some professional guidance, promote better communication with them. Use this essence with animals who have lost a companion pet or who are feeling lethargic or depressed or with rescued animals who have a susceptibility to rashes and inflammations.

Preparation and dosage: one drop of the stock per 100 drops in a dosage bottle for most treatments. Use up to 10 drops per 100 if there are inflammations present during the treatment.

Related essences include: Fraxinella, Milk Thistle, Onion, Bull Thistle

David Dalton
David Dalton


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