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The Seven Secrets of Flower Essences

by David Dalton August 30, 2018 2 Comments

The Seven Secrets of Flower Essences

The following secrets focus on the subtleties of flower essences and their influence on our health and well-being.

Secret #1

Flower essences are conscious remedies. This means they work in unison with the awareness of the person taking the essences. This puts flower remedies squarely outside of many other healing modalities that try to change patterns in the mind, body or spirit, in spite of what the person may be thinking, feeling or intending.

Consciously inviting an essence into your system - and allowing space for an essence to express through you - is the first step in a unique partnership. If you meet an essence with openness and curiosity, the remedy will then be able to clearly imprint its presence through your mental, emotional or physical landscape. Plant energy expresses in a myriad of ways in the system. Some people experience physical sensations, others access emotions or thoughts. All of these expressions are signals from the flower - an invitation to communicate and collaborate with plant intelligence.

Flower essences are most potent when we accept and nurture a connection with the natural world - essences will still function independently of our intentions or mindset, but the true power of essence work lies in our openness to receive and engage the message or change being delivered.

Secret #2

Every flower essence carries its own unique signature. Its effect on you depends on your present state of being. You might say that each remedy has a tag or a hook that must match a counterpart in your awareness in order to produce a response. Need, openness and readiness for change are all conditions of consciousness that predispose you to receive an essence's imprint and experience its full potency. Very high frequency essences - like many of our Moonlight essences - are most effective for people whose level of awareness and whose general energetic composition match the essence, itself. Need is also an important key in activating an essence. If you have a specific need that an essence is known to address, you will experience its action more deeply. This explains why the same essence can affect different people in very different ways.

Secret #3

The real potency of an essence comes not from flowers, sun or water, but from the awareness-love-consciousness of the person making the essence, connecting to nature through the plant. Although pure water, vibrant plants and direct sunlight are important features of a healthy essence, the real potency comes from connection. You might say that the flower essence producer’s energy signals a response from nature to instill the potency or essence of the flower into the water. Although nature holds this energy in potential, it reaches form through a dynamic relationship. Without this relationship, flower essences would not be here.

Secret #4

The more a flower essence is used, the more potent it becomes. The awareness of the flower essence producer, working with nature, creates a thought form which ignites and develops as the essence makes its way into use by practitioners and clients. This thought form is a bridge between dimensions, and it carries the healing patterns of the flower into the physical plane, into the energy field of the client and eventually into the tissues. Flower essences come into being through continued and expanded use. As they are being used, observation, awareness and appreciation are the soil, sun and water that feed the thought form and add to the overall potency of the essence.

Secret #5

The potency of a flower essence can be transmitted across space. Although the technique for this process is simple to affect and powerful to experience, it is not easy to understand. Part of the difficulty comes from our western-scientific indoctrination to what constitutes reality. When we observe something happening that our thinking tells us is impossible, then we must either open our thinking to alternative explanations or we reject the experience as not real. When we grasp that we are equipped to experience only a small part of reality, and that the energy of nature is alive with consciousness, then we begin to understand that there may be possibilities available beyond conventional thinking.

When a practitioner in New York transmits an essence combination to a client in Los Angeles, there is an immediate response that cannot be explained unless we expand our thinking to include the possibilities of Nature’s ability to connect with us and suspend (our interpretation of) the laws governing physical reality. Clients are befitting from this process in ways that confound scientific thinking but to us, have become ordinary ways of employing the power of flower essences.

Secret #6

Because of their range and adaptability, flower essences will align with and support any system of medicine or healing. As a physician, Edward Bach was continually looking for ways to bring flower remedies into his medical practice. He used essences to help patients with fears about needles or swallowing pills. He was successful in reducing panic and anxiety in many of his patients. He also used essences directly on the skin and labored to find the relationship between personality stresses and illness. Flower essences are now used in various ways by physicians, naturopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, cranial sacral practitioners, massage therapists, anthroposophical doctors and others.

The adaptability and range of essences can also deepen many types of work on the emotional body. Practitioners of psychotherapy, PTSD work, Gestalt therapy, body-centered therapy, emotional release, etc. find flower essences a useful and potent companion in their work. You might say that flower essences can act in a supportive way or be integrated into any healing modality, from 12-step programs to shamanic work.

Now the secret: when flower essences are used in a system of healing or spiritual development, their action tends to be more predictable and consistent. This is because flower essences are sensitive to and respond to human thought. In most cases, inspired thinking created these modalities, giving flower essences a scaffolding to work within. Essences also respond to the systems created by flower essence producers who are researching and structuring how their essences work.

When flower essences are used as independent agents, outside of a structure, their action tends to vary a bit more as the essences interface with an individual's energy field. Those who use essences outside of a structure may find that their experiences may not always consistently match the expectations they have for a specific remedy.

Secret #7

Flower remedies are a potent tool for both easing and eliminating illness. They can do this in three major ways.

The first way involves removing energetic traces of traumatic stress imprints. These traces are stored in the emotional body and make their way over time through the etheric body and eventually into the tissues, lowering the frequency and making the physical body more susceptible to illness. Removing the energetic underpinnings of trauma prevents this erosion of tissue energy.

Essences provide insulation and relief from the stresses in the present. Fear, worry and anxiety tend to lower resistance to illness and weaken the immune system. Flower essences can lower the stress response, quickening the action of the body's natural immunity.

Finally, and least known, flower essences can directly affect tissues compromised by acute illness or chronic disease. This requires an understanding of the complexity of the condition and the selection of the correct essences. The practitioner then, using her hands, guides the energy of the remedies directly into the tissues. The observation of the changes in the client’s physiology and the sensations in the practitioner's hands provide a signal that nature, through the essences, responds directly, potently and immediately.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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June 26, 2019

Hi Kristen,
Yes we do offer classes and mentoring! The Delta Gardens Practitioner Training might be of interest to you –

The content is self-paced and available online – students have regular phone consults with David as they progress through the materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: or call us at 603.601.6929 for more information!

Best wishes,
Jennifer Elmore – Delta Gardens Practitioner & Project Manager

Kristen Tucker
Kristen Tucker

June 26, 2019

Hi David
I live in Southwest Harbor and am very interested in studying & learning more about flower essences. I’m the owner of Bella Skin and Body Boutique in Northeast Harbor as well as a wellness practitioner . I have been following a bit of Elliott Cohen’s plant spirit medicine and am now looking for a teacher to dive deeper into flower essences.
Please let me know if you are offering classes or any type of mentoring.
Best to you
Kristen Tucker

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