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Arundina - Bamboo Orchid

by David Dalton April 06, 2018 1 Comment

Arundina - Bamboo Orchid

I made this essence in  2008, in a part of Honduras called La Ceiba, an open protected woodland reserve that is both mountainous and near the Caribbean ocean. The circumstances surrounding the birthing of this essence were somewhat story-worthy. There was a kind of puzzle that led to the awareness of the healing patterns of the essence.

While I was making the essence, I was standing close to the plant which is unusually tall and fell into a trance-like state where there was music in the wind and a feeling of detachment from my body. A German couple who were staying in the same lodge as I was were hiking nearby and came within a few feet of me. I nodded to them but they seemed to not see me. Later in the lodge, they claimed not to have seen me at all, even though they looked right at me from perhaps four feet away. That evening, I had a very clear dream about a man playing a shell game with me, hiding a pea from me. His refrain at the end of the dream was “look for the good pea.”

The lesson of Arundina is to “look for the good.” It is not so much a way of seeing as it is an action of watching and waiting. If we look at events in our past that seemed traumatic or even tragic, we can sometimes see that those very hardships led to some positive outcomes. This is not a naive approach to life but a practical way of processing difficulties from the past and allowing for a perceptual adjustment of the present and future to benefit our health and well-being.

Arundina does not change the way we perceive but offers an opportunity to open to possibilities - to suspend the reflex we have developed for negativity or judgement and allow for an expanded point of view. If goodness is there, seeing it is a benefit for the soul. It seems as though seeing more is part of Arundina's signature since it is tall for an orchid and looks above other plants growing around it.

Seeing the good is not a visual experience. It is a perceptual gift that has its basis in knowing that Love is the substance of the universe and that our trials are part of an evolution towards greater good. Seeing the good allows “goodness” to circulate through the emotional - mental body and into the cells and tissues.

Take this essence if you are going through a time of trial in your life or if you have been unable to let go of some pain in the past or to forgive some wrongdoing. It combines well with other essences such as Bluebell, Jasmine, Aventurine, Elecampagne, Hickory and the Bach Walnut.

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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April 19, 2018

Thank you introducing me to this amazing essence. I’m sure it will find it’s way into more formulas now. Such an wonderfully powerful gift is offered.

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