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Bellflower - Trust Your Intuition

by David Dalton August 11, 2022

Bellflower - Trust Your Intuition

Campanula latifolia ~ elemental signature: earth-air

Bellflower is a popular garden ornamental and native to Europe and western Asia.  It appeared magically in our garden in 2005, likely seeded by birds.  It has deep blue bell-shaped flowers which grow horizontally from the main stem. Although Bellflower is generally not used today as a medicinal herb, the shoots contain a high level of vitamin C and researchers have listed it as a potential heart remedy due to the presence of cardiac glycosides.

The flower essence has a strengthening effect on the blue Ida channel in the chakra system, opening to a feeling of serenity and security.  Under this condition, the intuition is stimulated to bring more information into the mental body. At this point, we have a choice to acknowledge and use the information or to discard it. Bellflower essence helps us to sense and to trust this information and then to act on it and give it form.

Oftentimes, the intuition is not logical or presents information that contradicts prevailing thought or accepted beliefs.  In this case, it is easier to discard or ignore what it is telling us. In addition, the intuitive part of us, with its flashes of insight or knowing is largely not credited, recognized or developed in our system of education. Instead, we tend to focus on logic and deduction, the foundation of practicality and the scientific method.  When the intuitive faculty is not heeded and used, we can lose contact with it altogether.

Trusting the intuition is something that we learn over time, noticing its presence and usefulness in all our problems, struggles and dealings.  Taking Bellflower essence helps us to trust our inner voice, rather than to always defer to safe, logical and acceptable ways of thought and behavior. 

If you have questions about the essence - or if you've taken it and would like to share your experiences - we'd love to hear from you! Leave us a message, and we'll get back to you!

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David Dalton
David Dalton


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