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Musings on the Medical World

by David Dalton September 04, 2017 1 Comment

Musings on the Medical World

The failure of modern medicine to meet the health needs of the population comes from a number of colliding areas. These areas speak of the inability of a system to evolve with the needs of the people - and of things that retard evolution.

The first is the shortsightedness of science and research which admits no truth to what cannot be observed and measured. Scientific thought is linear and material and will not permit the existence of phenomena that cannot be seen. This leaves modern medicine with one hand tied behind its back.

Reluctantly admitting that stress may play a role in health deterioration, most health care leaders do not seriously consider the negative effects of toxic emotions, PTSD and mental stresses on tissues and microbe balances. The studies that do exist on stress and health do not seem to have any influence on mainstream thought or practice. The tools at the disposal of most physicians today are pharmaceuticals and surgeries for all types of disease - which ignore the influence of other than purely physical, observable phenomena.

The second area is the stranglehold that the pharmaceutical industry has on medical standards. The saturation of money into the health care system skews the direction of diagnosis and treatment, preventing physicians from being thoughtful, creative or even wise in their daily care of patients. Standard of care dictates how a physician must treat specific symptoms. A physician who does not follow the prescribed procedures risks not being paid by insurers.

Specialization in medicine testifies to the fragmentation of thought that refuses to look at the whole person for cause and effect. The emotional body, the mental body, the flow of energy, the energy system, the effects of trauma - all these are not part of the system used to consider illness and disease. The root causes of illness cannot be discovered without tools that consider the patient as a multilevel being with many aspects and systems that contribute equally to health.

Health is a mirror of the past, a kaleidoscope of information that explains how a person is relating from the inside world to outside perceptions - how the physical body is balanced between emotional and mental forces that flood the micro levels of the system and either register pain or pleasure with each passing moment. It's time for the exclusive material focus of science to yield to evolution and begin to develop a broader and deeper model for health.

Flower essence interventions are a radical departure from the myopic and fragmented medical hologram. Although fairly new to the healthcare scene, they are a return to the tradition of using nature as a guide and minister to health. They use wholeness as a standard, a measure and a goal. They consider the past and present as co-determiners of health. They support mental and emotional health as a matrix for physical wellbeing. Disease is understood as an expression of imbalance in the whole system. This is nothing new. It is the miracle of nature revealing itself as one, comprised of many.

David Dalton
David Dalton


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August 29, 2018

I’m going to print and frame that paragraph that starts with ’Health is a mirror of the past…"! (And hello to David from a class assistant of his back in the Interface days – best workshop ever!)

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