The Flower Essence Podcast

by Jennifer Elmore June 19, 2021

The Flower Essence Podcast

David had the great pleasure of joining Kathleen Aspenns and Rochana Felde recently in a new episode of The Flower Essence Podcast!

David talks about how he got started making essences in the 1980s and about his research process and flower essence practice. He also shares stories about his adventures creating essences in other countries.

The Flower Essence Podcast is a wonderful resource for flower essence lovers and practitioners. Kathleen and Rochana share wisdom from their own flower essence practice and interview guests on a wide range of subjects relating to the healing properties of plants.

You can access the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, or your podplayer of choice - or directly on their website:

Our big thanks to Kathleen and Rochana for featuring David on their program!

Jennifer Elmore
Jennifer Elmore


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